Filtered Water System

Is your body tired of bottled water, tap water and/or electronic pH water systems?    …   Ready for something fresher, healthier, more hydrating, less expensive and easier on the environment ?

The Premium 10-Stage Water Filter is a reliable top quality water filter.    It has been tested by independent EPA approved laboratories.    The filters last 3 times longer than most other systems, filtering 1500 gallons of water (average filter life of 1 year for a family of 4.)   Easy to connect directly to your faucet, no extra plumbing or tools required (unscrew the aerator on your faucet and screw this diverter valve on in its place.   A conversion kit is available to mount under the sink, if you would like that.

Own your own premium water system  ~~~  use anytime and enjoy!    If you are currently drinking bottled water, you will save money, energy and the environment!

Click on this link > for more information on the  –   Premium 10 Stage Water Filter explained

Premium 10-Stage Water Filter by New Wave Enviro  ~  $115 & $12 (s&h)


Replacement 10-Stage Filter   ~  $75 & $12 (s&h)

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