Water … so important for every aspect of life!

Water is not a simple subject … though it is a simple solution.   Water is reflective of everything  around, and also has a frequency with a memory of  its cycle of life.   This attribute allows water to transform /release toxins, restoring natural healing qualities, if we don’t mess with it too much.  After many years of research, we have found that our body can better absorb and utilize water that still has its energetic qualities and structure, along with a good filtering system, for true hydration and deep healing.

For the last few years, water treatment systems & bottled water have been key players for our health and marketing dollars, some costing thousands of dollars.   Now that more people are realizing how important water is for their life & health, the market has been penetrated with hype, mis-information and  “new & improved” treatment processes.     (Just because a water system is expensive, doesn’t make it a good system.)    Since water is so reflective of everything surrounding it – including frequency exposure, we have found that any water system that uses electricity or electronic zapping of the water molecule, can actually be damaging to our bodys healthy cell duplication and DNA.     This type of damage may not be obvious for a couple of years.

If you are drinking bottled water … do you know where it came from … when it was collected … how long its been sitting in the plastic bottle … at what temperatures it has been exposed to … and how long it takes for that plastic bottle to disintegrate ?      Your body may be able to give you some clues whether drinking water from a plastic bottle is a good choice.      By supporting the bottled water industry, you could be encouraging corporations and foreign governments to take over our water rights.     What if the water you have readily available in your home or business is actually the best  choice for your body and our world?

The two water systems we recommend may actually save you money, while improving your health & vitality.

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The Jivara Everstream Water Cooler

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