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How to Beat the Blues

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Nutritional support

Deep healing for brain neuron connectors
ASEA ~ Redox Signaling Molecules supplement to rebuild and restore the body, mind & spirit at the cellular level.    This liquid supports & enhances the body’s natural production of energy and brain neuron receptors.    Many people drinking ASEA are reporting increased energy, clarity and healing.           You can go to ~ ~ for information and ordering.



Wearing a specific pendant or rock/gemstone/crystal around your neck or in your pocket can help to balance and strengthen every layer of your energy field:

  *   physical    *    mental    *   emotional   *   spiritual  *

The Bio-Electric Shield is a pendant with a configuration of quartz and other crystals that resonate at a very balanced human frequency band. When you put on a BioShield it puts a “cocoon” of good energy around you. Inside the cocoon it blends with your energy, balancing and strengthening you.   It also creates a protective layer of energy that deflects negative energies including electromagnetic radiation, other people’s negativity and negative energy from electronics & the environment. The energy from the BioShield blends with your energy field.

You can see choices and put in an order at   For a 10% savings on these special pendants, use the coupon code of AWW when ordering.

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The Physics of the Bio Electric Shield


Light-Life Rings were designed to work with the earth’s natural gravitational field, giving the body a stronger grounding.  Copper is a natural super-conductor of electricity.   A “positive”light field is produced on both sides of the center plane of the twisted wire ring.  Besides being worn, the Light-Life Rings can be used for a number of uses.   The Lotus Pendant is a combination of 7 rings in a beautiful handcrafted piece that works with the bodys energy centers.













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