Foot Massagers

Reflexology is the science of reflex areas in our feet, head, hands and face that correspond to our glands, organs and parts of our body.

Massage (gentle touch or pressure) helps by releasing tension, pain and waste buildup affecting different areas.   It can rejuvenate our mental, emotional & physical well-being by stimulating our circulation and nervous systems.    Massage allows more oxygen & other nutrients to be absorbed by our body tissues.

You could use your spare time in traffic or in the waiting room by wiggling your toes or flexing & stretching your  feet, ankles and hands.

MediRub Massagers are recommended by doctors and other professionals for athletes and others desiring optimal health, mobility & vitality.  Even 5 minutes using a MediRub Foot Massager can increase circulation to your whole body and give a renewed burst of energy.

Foot Reflexology chart & info

Medi-Rub Foot Massager  $279. 

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