Cell Phone Sack

Enjoy your communication – without the stressful radiation frequencies … patented emf harmonizing technologies built into this case for the cell phone …

Cell-Guard-Case 2017  and www.giawellness.com/aww

Ever fumble in your bag or pocket for your cell phone?     When your cell phone rings or you want to make a quick phone call, you can have your phone handy on your bag, purse, hook or belt… with a Ce

ll Phone Sack /Carrying Pouch/Bag.    Also good for small gifts, eyeglasses, jewelry,  …  These are lined with a top draw-string closing.

An optional feature is a special stainless stell clip (S-Biner) to attach easily to bags, belts or pockets.  With a S-Biner Clip, you can also attach it to your keys for a one place station to keep track of keys and your cell phone.

The colors & fabric designs differ.  If you have a preference, please indicate in the contact space from the Checkout section and/or call us as you checkout.

3 sizes available:    X-Small is 2×3,     Small is 3×5,     Medium is 5×7


Cell Phone Sack ~ 3×5  ~ $6 & $3 (s&h) 
Size :

Cell Phone Sack with a S-Biner Clip ~ 3×5  ~ $8 & $3 (s&h) 
Size :

Cell Phone Sack ~ 5×7  ~ $8 & $3 (s&h) 
Size :

Cell Phone Sack with a S-Biner Clip ~ 5×7  ~ $11 & $3 (s&h) 
Size :


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