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Feeling a little sluggish, achy, tired or irritable, possibly diagnosed with allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, dementia, headaches, digestion, heart or hormone issues, insomnia, pain, inflammation…     It may just be one or more negative environmental exposures, that are coming up to get your attention now … what if this is a good time to take action that supports true healing, clarity and vitality.

Since cell phones and wireless electronics were never pre-market tested for health effects, we are all doing and being the experiment.   Cell phone and wireless exposure is a radiation toxin.    Being constantly exposed to these devices is like sitting out in the sunshine, unprotected.   However, this low-grade regular dehydration & vitality to our human cells doesn’t show up in obvious ways for years … 10 or more years later.  More people are now experiencing negative stress from these frequencies that they have been around for years.

Even though radiation / frequency exposure isn’t obvious to all people in the same way, you may be pleasantly surprised as you take action to protect your devices & area with frequency technology and environmental harmonizers.

We check out the growing market of items in this new field of energy awareness.   For more information about how to create a calm environment and  to renew your personal energy, health & spirit and  to protect & activate your  body’s natural  healing processes  … please call, email us and check out the harmonizing devices on this website

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